Ultralight Outfitters Backpacking Equipment is for Everyone

Ultralight Backpacking, regardless of your age or your size.

Ultralight Outfitters Lightning Access BackpackUltralight backpacking used to be for the few hardy individuals willing to brave the elements and live on lean meals.

Now, with theLightning Access Backpack, the PonchoTent and Beer Can Stove Kit, ultralight backpacking is easy and comfortable for everyone including older hikers, smaller people and even children!Ultralight Outfitters PonchoTent

Seasoned ultralight backpackers will love the convenience of the 7 pockets in the Lightning Access Backpack that can be reached without removing the backpack.

With an Ultralight Outfitters backpacking equipment, your loaded backpack, with a weekend’s worth of food and water, will weight less than 16lbs.

A traditional backpack would weigh from 35- 50lbs. For many people, carrying a fully-loaded traditional backpack is an ordeal. It hurts! They have to rest frequently, and the distance they can travel in a day is no more than a few miles. It’s not much fun.

The Lightning Access Backpack completely loaded is so light that most people won’t get sore carrying it.

Backpacking becomes a “walk in the woods”.

  • Movement is easy.
  • You can walk further and see more.
  • You have energy to experience the beauty of the wilderness, and no distraction from the peace the wilderness has to offer.
  • This is the Ultralight Outfitters experience.

Our mission is to provide the best ultralight backpacking equipment and to teach the best skills so everyone can enjoy the beauty and magic of the backcountry.

How to Pack the Lightning Access Backpack
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