About Ultralight Outfitters

Our Mission is to provide a refined system of ultralight backpacking gear and the skills to use it well. We hope the gear and skills we provide empowers more people to go further into the wilderness, find value and renewal there, and be inspired to care for our wild and wonderful places.

Read about our founder and the designer of our ultralight backpacking gear, Rob Anue.

Ultralight Backpacking is a Special Thing

  • You have to pack carefully in order to keep the weight of your backpack under 10lbs (before food and water), and still have everything you need to stay comfortable and safe on your trip.
  • You have to carry special gear that saves weight by being part of an integrated system.
  • You have to have the right skills… of knowing exactly what to pack and how to use it.

Ultralight Outfitters is a special kind of ultralight backpacking gear company

  • We care about what you need to pack… we’ll show you our packing list.
  • We care about the specialized gear needed for ultralight backpacking. We design gear that works together in a system for maximum comfort, maximum re-usability, and minimum weight.
  • We care about the skills needed to successfully go Ultralight Backpacking. We’ll help teach you what you need to know to pack, how to stay comfortable and safe, and how use your ultralight gear in the best way.

The packing list, the specialized gear, and the skills of Ultralight Backpacking are completely interdependent. Ultralight Outfitters is a special company because we care about all three.