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From The Redding Record SearchlightBeer can stove catches fire with ultralight crowd

“For Nancy Huber, the backcountry switch from a fancy gas canister stove to the simple, stripped-down — dare we say utilitarian — beer can stove was one of simple efficiency. The Redding native and Sacramento-area dentist switched to the beer can stove — produced by Mount Shasta’s Ultralight Outfitters — last season. “I really couldn’t be happier,” she said. “I had read about it on and had heard all of Leon’s (Redding’s backpacking dentist Leon Nelson) raving about Esbit (fuel tablets).” ….read more at

From Mountain GazetteCompact stoves – Reviewed by Cam Burns

“….the unit itself is fairly straightforward to put together and this interesting cooking device is actually a stove, pot and insulated cup (made from an empty beer can) all in one; the folks at Ultralight Outfitters call this the lightest cooking system (3.8 ounces for the whole shebang; $14) in Creation!.

From backpackinglight.comNifty cooking system where the pot converts into a double walled mug. Product review by Carol Crooker.

“The Ultralight Beercan Cook Pot and Stove is a nifty cooking system. As Will Rietveld writes about in Performance Comparison Testing of Alcohol Stoves, a cook kit needs to be optimized so all the components work together as a system. Ultralight Outfitters has already done the “test/tweak/repeat” for us with this cook system….

What’s unique about this system is that the windscreen, pot support, and fuel tray can be used to convert the beer can cookpot into a double wall mug …….Read more at”

See also Ultralight Outfitters Beercan Esbit Stove System.

From BackpackGearTest.orgField Reports by by reviewers Chuck Carnes, Rosaleen Sullivan and Scott Downard.

“My second trip was a two-night stay at Jones Gap near Caesars Head in South Carolina. The weather was a little bit colder than my first trip. The temperature was 62 F (16 C) during the day and 39 F (4 C) at night. On this trip, again, I did not experience any precipitation to test the stove kit in the rain. On this trip I thought I would experiment a little bit to see if I could cook up something more than just a dehydrated meal. I placed the fuel tablet in the tray that is provided on the stove and lit it. After walking away for a few minutes to let the heat build up and warm the water, I noticed some …smoke coming from the stove…. I went to check it out and found out that I forgot to put water in the cook pot. Needless to say, it does not work without water in the cook pot. I have completely discolored the outer surface of the can to a very nice shade of black. Luckily the lipguard was not harmed or discolored. After I allowed it to cool down a bit I was able to continue with my gourmet meal that I was preparing. The fuel tablet heated the water to a good rolling boil and I inserted my noodles for cooking. After the noodles were soft enough, I drained a portion of the water. I dumped a small portion of cut-up chicken and some vegetables and continued to cook my meal. I covered the top of the cook pot with a small aluminum lid that I brought with me to help hold the heat in. The meal turned out wonderful and very tasty. To my surprise, the meal did not taste burnt from scorching the cook pot without water. The next night I had a similar meal but this time I remembered the water first. On both trips I fixed coffee after my meals and had great success with being able to fix the coffee right in the cook pot and was able drink from it also.