Additional Shipping

For international shipping

You were not charged for shipping when you placed your order through Paypal. We calculate this and email you the results along with a link to this page.

Once you know this amount, please click the Add to Cart button below Shipping Cost Credit. This will advance you to our Paypal shopping cart page.

International customers will simply enter the total number of dollars provided by us in the quantity box for their charges.

For US customers

Note that for US customers, $8.00 shipping charge will automatically be added at the final step of check out…so simply adjust the quantity of $1 credits on the initial order page to result in the appropriate amount of shipping credit you need at the end.

  • Remove the 1 in the quantity box
  • Type in the number of $1 credits you need (taking into consideration that $6 will be added to the order)
  • Click Check Out and complete the order with your credit card information


Shipping Cost Credit