After Ultralight Backpacking,Never Going Back to a Heavy Backpack

An Interview with Dean, an experienced backpacker on his shift to ultralight backpacking

R: You have done normal backpacking before trying ultralight backpacking. What was different?

D: Going ultralight backpacking allowed us to go places we otherwise wouldn’t have gone, we could keep our backpacks with us rather than leaving them at a base camp and then having to go back… we could always be moving forward. When we went off trail hiking and exploring we had everything with us. We could stop and camp wherever we wanted.

R: What else was different about ultralight backpacking?

D: There was a lot less fatigue than having to travel with a normal big and heavy pack.

R: Did you have problems learning the special skills for ultralight backpacking?

D: Special skills? I didn’t really find there were any specific skills that I didn’t already have. It was just better because I had a lot less weight to carry.

R: Did the ultralight backpacking gear provide any added convenience besides being lighter?

D: Yes. I particularly liked the pocket at the bottom of the Lightning Access Backpack, which made getting at everything easy. I didn’t ever have to take the pack off to get snacks or normal stuff. The Beer Can Stove system was easy to set up and worked very well, too.

R: Now that you have tried ultralight backpacking, has your style of backpacking changed?

D: Yes! I could never go back to my old heavy backpack again. Ultralight backpacking is the only way to go!

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