From Car Camping to Ultralight Backpacking

Interview with a First-Time Ultralight Backpacker

R: What was your backpacking experience before you went on your first ultralight backpacking  trip?

S: Just car camping, really.

R: Wow. Your first experience with backpacking was ultralight backpacking! How was that?

S: It was different. We hiked in, and got away from people. I liked that. I only carried one book, which was a stretch for me, and we had different food than car camping, but it was great being out in nature not having people around. Seeing beautiful vistas, being able to walk for miles without feeling tired or weighted down… it was a really wonderful experience.

R: Were you surprised with what you packed and didn’t pack?

S: I was surprised I was satisfied with the food. I thought that with carrying just so many ounces of food a day I would be hungry or I would be forced to eat things that didn’t taste very good. That wasn’t the case at all. I liked the food we took. I even find myself making the same snack now to take with me in the car: orange flavored cranberries and almonds.

R: How about the backpack. You used the Lightning Access Backpack. Was it comfortable?

S: Yes! It wasn’t heavy at all.

R: Did you get sore?

S: Not that I remember. I was tired from climbing a couple of times, but I wasn’t tired from carrying the backpack because the pack was light.

R: How did you feel in the tent? You used Ultralight Outfitters Poncho Tent.

J: It was interesting not having a floor in the tent. That was odd for me. The tents I had been in before… you zip them closed. But this tent was so light weight and easy to carry… that made it valuable.

R: Did you end up wishing you had things that you didn’t pack?

S: I thought I would want to have a couple more books, even though I don’t think I had time to read any more. I would have liked to take more of those little containers of half and half for my tea. I missed that. I can’t think of anything else. Maybe a towel. But I’m not even sure about that.

R: In summary, how was your first ultralight backpacking trip?

S: The trip was exhilarating. It changed my way of thinking about hiking and ultralight backpacking.

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