Good Cook Safecut® Can Opener

Safe Cut Can OpenerThis is the special side cut can opener that is used with The Beer Can Cook Pot & Stove Kit™.

This can opener has been modified to cut the top off a jumbo beer can and leave a smooth edge.

Yup, modified. Fosters changed the profile of their cans making it more difficult for these sidecut openers to work. With the help of a handy dremel tool, we make the adjustments to each can opener  before shopping, making it easily work on that can regardless of the profile.

Good Cook Safecut Can Opener Price: $13.95

The Good Cook Safecut Can Opener is a solid and easy-to-use side cut can opener. You’ll enjoy having it in the kitchen when you aren’t making Beer Can Cook Stoves™. It cuts the tops off all cans without leaving any sharp edges, and as a bonus, the cut-off top fits nicely on the the can for handy storage of left-overs.

When you use this side cut can opener to make Beer Can Cook Stoves™, practice first on a few normal cans to get the feel for how it operates. For maximum success on a jumbo beer can, have a friend steady the beer can with two hands while you press down gently on the can with the can opener as you turn the handle. It’s fun. It works! (Added bonus! Practice first – enjoy the beer with your friend after you’ve perfected your can-opening technique!)