One of the Hearty Few at Eleven Years Old

Rob interviews Josh, an 11-year-old Ultralight backpacker

R: You had gone on a normal backpacking trip before you went ultralight backpacking hadn’t you?

J: Yes.

R: What load did you carry?

J: 35 lbs.

R: Wow! What was that like?

J: It was actually kinda miserable on the walking. I didn’t really pay attention to the scenery. Once I got there it was OK.

R: What was all the gear you carried that made it 35 lbs.

J: I carried a tent, some food, sleeping bag, a pad and some clothes.

R: How far did you hike on that trip?

J: It was a 3 day trip and we went 3 miles.

R: On the second trip, the ultralight backpacking trip, how much did you carry?

J: 12 lbs. That was everything, all my food, my water, my clothing, my cook kit, sleeping bag.

R: What was ultralight backpacking like?

J: It was nice. Relaxing to walk. It was lighter than my backpack going to school!

R: How many miles did you cover on your ultralight backpacking trip?

J: 24 miles in 3 days.

R: What did you carry that made your ultralight backpack so light?

J: The Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Stove Kit, light sleeping bag, no pad, I don’t remember about the clothes. A Poncho Tent.

R: You slept without a pad. How comfortable were you?

J: Sleeping I was alright, and ultralight backpacking I was great.

R: Was there anything you wished you had?

J: Not really.

R: Any final comments about ultralight backpacking?

J: Ultralight backpacking rocks!

‘Rob’s note about not taking a pad: Josh knew from experience he would be comfortable with his sleeping bag on soft ground with just pine needles to sleep on. Most of us need sleeping pads. I think being light weight himself, and young makes a big difference!’

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