beer can stove

I love reading ultralight backpacking forums! When every ounce counts people get a little nutty about things like toothbrush handles and sporks vs. spoons! For us at Ultralight Outfitters, overall eating utensil performance and cost savings have to be considered. That’s why we pack a Lexan soup spoon in every Beer Can Stove Kit. As […]


I’ve done a bit of research on do-it-yourself backpacking stoves lately and was reassured to see that nothing DIY comes close to offering backpackers the convenience and weight savings of our Beer Can Stove. There are people who are going to make their own stove no matter what because it’s part of their ultralight backpacking […]


The Ultralight Outfitters stove system, the Beer Can Stove Kit uses the most efficient, lightest weight fuel possible. Small, individually wrapped (in most cases) hexamine tablets that will boil our beer can pot of water in about 11 to 13 minutes. Remember that our pot is made by removing the lid of a Foster’s beer […]