The Beer Can Stove Kit

Beer Can Cook Stove | Poncho Tent | Lightning Access Backpack says:

One of the disadvantages of most solid fuel stoves is their lack of integration, and unnecessarily heavy weight for their components. The Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Esbit Stove solves these problems and does so very elegantly – and cost effectively – using inexpensive, but high quality, well-constructed, and lightweight components.

If you are not a fan of Esbit fuel, this stove may engage you to become one!

The Beer Can Stove Kit  includes:Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Stove Kit

  • Silicon Rubber Lipguard
  • Stainless Steel Tray for solid fuel
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Stainless Steel No-fold Windscreen
  • Lexan Spoon (that fits the pot perfectly)

You provide the jumbo beer can.

Learn why the Beer Can Stove Kit beats do-it-yourself soda can stoves.

Becomes an Insulated Drinking Mug
Total weight: 4.4 oz.

Beer Can Cook Stove Kit Price $15.95

You will also need to purchase a special can opener to assemble the The “Beer Can” Cook Pot & Stove™, and a jumbo beer. Click here to order the Good Cook Safecut Can Opener for opening a jumbo beer can without leaving any sharp edges. We modify the can opener to fit the new profile of the Foster’s beer can.

With the empty beer can your complete Beer Can Stove Cook set weighs 4.4 oz.!

Compare this to:

  • 6 oz. 1.3 Liter Titanium Pot.
  • +3 oz. Propane stove without the heavy metal fuel cartridge.
  • +3 oz. Lexan cup with less than half the volume and isn’t insulated.

Good Cook Can Opener opening a Foster's beer canThe cook pot is made from an empty jumbo (24.5 fl. oz.) beer can. This empty can is perfect for a backpacking cook pot!

  • It is large enough to make a meal for one person.
  • It is easy to hold so it can double as a drinking mug.
  • It has a non-stick coating on the inside.
  • It is a 100% recycled product.
  • It weighs one ounce, which is incredibly light!

Follow these step by step instructions for turning your beer can into a cook pot


How to Set Up and Cook with the Beer Can stove.

How to Pack Up the Cookstove and use it as an Insulated Mug.

There are lots of things you have to be careful about in order to use a beer can as a cook pot.

  1. You need to use a special can opener to take the top off of a beer can and not leave any sharp edges. The Good Cook® Safecut can opener sold on our website is perfect. We’ll show you how to use this safely and efficiently. The can opener we sell has been modified to work with the new Foster’s beer can profile.
  2. An empty beer can is somewhat fragile and will dent easily. This is why the windscreen and stove in the cook set are designed to wrap around it when it is packed up. The packed up stove is sturdy enough to travel in a backpack without a problem. And most dents can be pressed back out without damaging the pot.
  3. The non-stick coating inside the can will burn at high temperatures. The solution is to always have water in the pot when it is over a flame. Boiling water in the pot will not let the inside of the pot get any hotter than 212 degrees F, which doesn’t damage the coating. So no frying. No putting an empty pot on the fire. No letting the rice boil dry. Using this cook pot means restricting your backpacking meals to ones that are prepared with boiling water. In practice this is what most ultralight backpackers do anyway. Our Blog Pages have a Food & Cooking section with recipes and tips for meals that work great for cooking in a beer can cook pot.

The Beer Can Cook Stove Stand

The stove is a stand with a fuel tray for burning solid fuel pellets. Solid fuel, such as ESBIT® Solid Fuel Tablets, is the lightest weight fuel for backpacking. Solid fuel is also the safest and most reliable fuel for camping. It is incredibly convenient. It can’t leak. You can’t spill it. It is readily available at outdoor stores throughout the world. The stove has no jets or valves that can get damaged or plugged. The Beer Can Cook Stove Stand is included in the kit.

The Beer Can Cook Stove Windscreen

The windscreen is made from stainless steel, and is pre-formed into a cylindrical shape that stands around the cook pot and stove while cooking. When the stove and windscreen are packed up for travel, the windscreen wraps around the cook pot and protects it from being dented. You never have to fold or unfold the windscreen. The Beer Can Cook Stove Windscreen is included in the kit.

The Insulated Drinking Mug

When the stove and windscreen are packed up, they create a double walled shell around the cook pot. This turns the cook pot into an insulated drinking mug that is just right for holding and warming your hand while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.



A lip guard made of silicon rubber fits around the top of the can, and makes sipping hot liquids comfortable. One Beer Can Cook Stove Lip Guard is included in the kit, and you can order extras below.

Extra Silicon Rubber Lipguard $2.95