Making the Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Cook Pot & Stove™

Turning a beer can into a cook pot for your Beer Can Stove is not difficult. You just need to have the right can and the right can opener. Once opened, a silicon band goes around the lip of the can to allow you to sip hot liquids without burning your lips. A piece of aluminum foil is the perfect lid for your ultralight cook pot.

The right beer can is a the short 750ml/25.4 fl. oz. can with straight sides…. the cans from Fosters® and Labatt® beer are perfect. You can’t use the Heineken® can because it doesn’t have straight sides, and you can’t use tall, skinny cans, either.

The right can opener is the Good Cook® Safecut can opener. The Rosle® and the Cuisipro® side cutting can openers also work, but are slightly trickier to use. We have tried many can openers, and no other brands work. The Good Cook® Safecut can opener is available for sale on this website, as well as in many large grocery stores. We modify each can opener before shipping to make if compatible with the new Foster’s can profile.

Start with an empty beer can. (If you have to buy a full beer can at the store for your cook pot, you can usually find someone who will help turn it into an empty can for you.)Here you can see the can opener at work on a beer can.
The top comes cleanly off the beer can. Put the top in recycling. Make your cook pot lid out a square of aluminum foil, which is lighter and packs up easier.
The can opener cuts the top off the can and leaves no sharp edges anywhere. It is completely smooth inside and out!

Here is the Cook Pot with the silicon lip guard around the top opening. The lip guard protects your lips while you are sipping hot drinks out of the insulated drinking mug, and it is far enough away from the flame that you can just leave it on while you are cooking.