Pack Up the Beer Can Cook Pot & Stove

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The stove and cook pot pack up into a single tidy and sturdy package. Set up is fast and simple. Packing up is equally simple and handy.Slide the fuel tray all the way up onto the bottom of the cook pot.You can do this when a fuel tablet is burning, and it will snuff out the flame.If the tablet is burning, steady the top of the pot with one hand and use a stick to push up the tray.WARNING: Since the windscreen, wire stand, and stove tray all get very hot when the stove is cooking, please wait one minute after the flame goes out before you touch them.

Lift the cook pot with the tray on the bottom off the stand and set them aside.The lip guard is an insulated place to hold a hot cook pot. You can also use your handkerchief as a pot holder.
Set the windscreen aside, and turn the stand over.
Place the windscreen into the stand, and flare the top of the windscreen (to make it easy to slide in the cook pot and tray).The windscreen flares better if you slide it only part way into the stand.
Place the cook pot with the tray on the bottom, down into the center of the windscreen.
Slide the cook pot and windscreen completely into the stand.

Click for instructions on setting up the “Beer Can” Cook Pot & Stove.