Set Up the Beer Can Cook Pot & Stove

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The stove and cook pot pack up into a single tidy and sturdy package. Set up is fast and simple. Packing up is equally simple and handy. When you’re ready to cook your dinner, remove the compact Beer Can Cook Stove from your pack.Slide the wire stand off the bottom while you hold the stove and windscreen with your other hand.

Turn the wire stand over, and place it on the ground.One end of the stand has notches to hold the tray. This end is up.
Set the windscreen off to the side.
Place the cook pot (with the tray on the bottom) onto the stand.Line up the notches in the stand with the wires in the tray.
Slide the tray down off the bottom of the pot and into the stand.The tray rests in the notches of the stand.
Put water in the cook pot.Put a fuel tablet into the tray and light it.(The easiest way to light the fuel tablet is to tip it up so that part of it hangs over the edge of the tray. A match will light the fuel tablet but a small butane lighter works even better.)
If you lit the tablet up on the edge, push it into the center of the fuel tray.(You can use the stub of a wooden match to do this, or pick up a stick or small rock to nudge the fuel tablet into place.)
Lower the windscreen over the cook pot and you’re cooking.You can scrunch a square of aluminum foil over the top of the pot as a lid. When it’s windy, put the windscreen around the stove first and light the fuel tablet through the opening of the windscreen.

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