The Beer Can Cook Pot and Stove Kit is Worth It’s Weight In Gold!

We thought about buying an expensive backpacking stove but…

miho and chris in HawaiiWe planned to backpack throughout Hawaii. We wanted to be able to focus on the beauty around us NOT on dishes and fuel and food. We chose to each carry an Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Stove.

Before we left, we toasted our trip with a couple of Foster’s beers, carefully removing the tops with our SafeCut Can Opener. After installing the lip guard which is included in the kit, we packed our stoves with the Foster’s beer can cook pot and the Lexan spoon, also included in the kit, and we were done! The system takes up about as much space as the beer can by itself, and we stuffed the empty can with one day’s dried food packaged in ziploc bags!

We knew how long we were going to be packing, so planning fuel was easy – one tab for each of us per meal, and one tab for a full pot of hot water (24 ozs) for a shared hot beverage.

We each packed our own food and cooked separately. No group meal planning necessary.

The Ultralight Outfitters ultralight backpacking system allowed us to concentrate on having fun.

Lightning Access Backpack Hawaii

Our Lightning Access Backpacks were amazingly light. We were always comfortable – no aches and pains from carrying a heavy pack.





Poncho Tent Hawaii sunsetThe Poncho Tent was easy to access during Hawaii’s frequent rain showers and simple to set up.

We velcroed our tents together to create a spacious 2 person tent. The included directions of setting the Poncho Tent up as a single or 2-person tent were easy to understand and use, and we were aways able to find a tree or stick to use.

Thanks Ultralight Outfitters for the exceptionally long ties tucked into their own pockets, and also for the sturdy tent stakes tucked into their pocket!

Our trip was a amazing from beginning to end! Thanks Ultralight Outfitters.

Miho and Chris