The Poncho Tent™

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An essential piece of ultralight backpacking gear! Weighs only 22 oz and doubles as BOTH your tent and your rain gear!

Rain gear and Tent!
Color: Navy blue
The packed size of the tent is 4″ in diameter x 16″ long.
Total weight: 22 oz.
New Low Price: $129.95

Read why ultralight backpackers prefer floorless tents like our Poncho Tent.

Our Poncho Tent is the most carefully designed backcountry gear you’ll ever meet. It is both a Tent and a Poncho. As a poncho, it will keep you and your pack dry while walking in the rain. As a tent, it is all you need to keep the rain out at night. Every aspect of the Poncho Tent has been engineered to perfection. It is lighter than you would ever get with a separate tent, raincoat and backpack cover.

Included instructions teach you how to find the best places to pitch the tent, the best knots to tie it up with, the best place to carry it in your pack so it is handy as a poncho, and the best way to dry your poncho while walking after it rains.

The Poncho Tent is complete with all the lines and stakes you need to pitch any of its tent configurations, and includes built-in storage pockets that make packing and unpacking a breeze.

  • Completely self-contained with storage for lines and stakes built in.
  • 6 ultralight tent stakes in the tent stake pocket.
  • 4 long lines in storage pockets at the four major line attachment points.
  • 2 short multi-purpose lines in the stake pocket.
  • A built-in stuff sack that you can’t lose.

Sleeps: 1
Seasons: 3
Weight: 22oz
Tent Height: 26″
Tent Width: 45″
Tent Length: 82″
Fabric: Flame-resistant Fabric meets CPAI-84 Specifications
Stakes: 6
4 long lines and 2 short lines in built-in pockets.
Built-in stuff sack

Stay cool and dry in the rain. The Poncho Tent in poncho-mode provides complete rain protection while you hike.

The poncho opens down the front with a built-in hood. Special cuffs at each side are perfectly situated for your hands, and engineered to shed water. Inner drawstrings adjust the fit perfectly for hikers 5′ to 6’6″ tall. You can wear it with or without a backpack….there’s ample room in back to cover any pack and keep your gear safe and dry. It works perfectly with Ultralight Outfitters Lightning Access Pack.

One of the big issues in rain gear is ventilating body heat. It doesn’t do any good to keep rain on the outside, if your rain gear makes you so hot and stuffy that you become sweaty and wet on the inside! The Poncho Tent solves this perfectly. It is completely open around the bottom for great ventilation. Handy fasteners down the front open and close easily for ventilation in changing weather conditions.

It’s Easy to Adjust While you Hike! When it stops raining, simply open the Poncho Tent in front and slip it backwards over your shoulders onto your backpack. Parked here, your poncho can dry before being packed up. And it’s instantly available to put back on if the rain should start again.


The poncho is off and out of the way in 10 seconds. You don’t even have to stop walking to shift it!

A large, easily accessible pocket in the Lightning Access Pack is designed to store the Poncho Tent. While hiking with the complete Ultralight Outfitters System, you can take out, put on, take off and store your rain gear without having to take off your backpack or even stop walking!

It’s a One Person Tent

All the needed lines and stakes are built into the Poncho Tent for fast and easy set up. It can be pitched as a one-person bivy tent with an open corner. The tent ends are supported by lines tied to trees, sticks or poles. A stick is used to prop up the open corner. Unlike most bivy tents, the open corner Poncho Tent is easy to get in and out of, and provides unsurpassed ventilation and visibility.

The Poncho Tent in its fully enclosed configuration is a safe and sturdy floorless tent.

The Poncho Tent gives you the great ventilation, visibility and accessibility of an open tarp shelter….and the safety and weather resistance of a fully enclosed tent.

It can be set up as a lean-to with closed ends (see photo at page top).

Two Poncho Tents can become a two person tent.

Ultralight Outfitters PonchoTent for 2 peopleTwo Poncho Tents can be fastened together to create a two person tent. Velcro tabs are set at just the right places to make setting up a two-person tent fast and easy.