Ultralight Backpacking Meals: Breakfast Basics

Here are the ultralight backpacking food basics for a sit down breakfast.

Make sure you follow the basic Beer Can Stove Kit guidelines of:

  1. Boil water.
  2. Extinguish flame.
  3. Add ingredients.
  4. Let your meal cook by steeping.

Choose from the following backpacking food options:

  • Hot beverages: Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate.
  • Milk: Can be made from powdered milk, and used as a beverage or on your breakfast cereal. One brand is far tastier than all others.
  • Fruit flavored drink: Can be made from juice powder.
  • High protein breakfast drinks: Can be carried in powder form.
  • Hot cereal/Hot oatmeal: Makes a nice warm breakfast.
  • Cold breakfast cereals: All work fine. Granola is especially good because it is dense and won’t crush in the backpack.
  • Stewed fruit: Can be made from any dried fruit. Hot stewed fruit can be made in the morning by adding boiling water to your dried fruit. You can prepare cold stewed fruit by soaking your dried fruit overnight.

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gold price July 24, 2013 at 2:03 am

[Charles] sent in a tip about an alcohol based stove built from beer cans and a penny . The burner is efficient, lightweight, and tiny all while still packing a pretty big punch. It can boil water for sterilization, cook some rice for your meal, or make a spot of tea. The penny is used as the regulating valve. The cup in the burner has a hole in the center where the penny is placed using gravity to create a seal. Denatured alcohol is then poured into the cup and outer ring and lit on fire. As the burning alcohol warms up the cup, it starts to leak under the penny and into the fuel cup where it then begins to boil. This boiling alcohol expands as gas and exits the small holes around the outside of the burner, creating flames similar to the ones you use on your gas stove at home.


admin July 24, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Penny stoves are nice DIY projects, but the problem is as light weight and efficient as they are, they still require lots of alcohol fuel. Alcohol fuel is heavy and always carries a risk of being spilled. If you like the penny stove, you’re going to love the Beer Can Stove System. It boils water using solid fuel tabs with efficiency equal to alcohol. It becomes an insulated cup or bowl, using the included wind screen and wire frame. For the price, nothing compares.


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