Why Ultralight Outfitters Likes Lexan Soup Spoons

I love reading ultralight backpacking forums! When every ounce counts people get a little nutty about things like toothbrush handles and sporks vs. spoons!

For us at Ultralight Outfitters, overall eating utensil performance and cost savings have to be considered.

Lexan spoon and Beer Can StoveThat’s why we pack a Lexan soup spoon in every Beer Can Stove Kit.

As we’ve stated before, everything you carry when going ultralight has to serve multiple functions.

  • Your eating utensil needs to serve up big bites of whatever you bring. (Break up pasta to make it spoon friendly.)
  • It has to play nice with your ziploc storage containers.
  • It shouldn’t cost more than your stove.

For us, that ruled out a titanium spork.

We love the Lexan soup spoon

We bought a zillion of the things to pack in our Beer Can Stove Kit before all the brouhaha about BPA.

We’ve watched the literature carefully and concluded that it’s unlikely that you’ll have any long or short term health effects from spooning up your mac and cheese or stirring your hot chocolate with your Lexan soup spoon.

We’re glad. These things are stronger than steel, ounce for ounce and guaranteed not to break or crack. We’d rather ship them out to you with your Beer Can Stove than use them to design and build some kind of lightweight indestructible shelter option!

It you’re concerned about the BPA, use the spoon to stir paint and get yourself something else with a long enough handle to stir clear to the bottom of your beer can cook pot.

Just don’t try to cut the handle off! According to the Lexan guys, it’s nearly impossible!!

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