Weight Savings Comparison

This packing list highlights where our Ultralight Backpacking system saves weight. This chart below is not a detailed packing list, but is meant to show the big picture.

Ultralight Backpack Weight Typical Backpack Weight
Poncho Tent 22ozs one-person Dome Tent 3.75 lbs
Rain Jacket 1 lb
Pack Cover .75 lb
Ultralight Backpack 1 lb “Full-feature” Backpack 7 lbs
Ultralight Cook set .25 lb Butane Stove .25 lbs
Fuel for 2 Days .25 lbs 1 Fuel canister + spare 1 lb
Aluminum Pot/ Lid, fry pan, large spoon, spatula, plate, insulated mug, fork, spoon 4 lbs
2 Days Dry Food 2.5 lbs beans, fresh fruit, eggs in plastic carrier, bottle of oil, bottle of wine, salt & pepper shakers 8 lbs
3/4 length inflatable pad 1 lbs Thick & long inflatable pad 3.5 lbs
Warm Sleeping Bag 4 lbs Warm Sleeping Bag 4 lbs
Fiber fill “nano” Jacket .8 lb Fleece Jacket 1.5 lbs
Shell pants .25 lb Jeans 2 lbs
Lycra shorts .25 lbs Hiking “zip off” leg pants 1.5 lbs
Misc 1 lb Misc 1-10 lbs
Total Ultralight Backpack 12.85 lbs Total Typical Backpack 41.5 – 51.5 lbs
Total Ultralight Gear w/o Food & Fuel 10.05 lbs Total Typical Gear w/o Food & Fuel 32.5 – 42.5 lbs