Why the Beer Can Stove and Solid Fuel Tabs are Best

The Ultralight Outfitters stove system, the Beer Can Stove Kit uses the most efficient, lightest weight fuel possible. Small, individually wrapped (in most cases) hexamine tablets that will boil our beer can pot of water in about 11 to 13 minutes.

Remember that our pot is made by removing the lid of a Foster’s beer can using a side cut can opener that we especially modify to work with the new Foster’s can profile.

Beer Can Stove making coffeeWe even use the Beer Can Stove to make quick hot drinks when we’re car camping.

I can’t imagine a better cooking system for these important reasons:

1. It’s incredibly light weight. Each fuel tab weighs less than half and ounce.

2. You can plan exactly how much fuel to pack. You’ll need one tab per hot meal plus about half a tab to boil enough water for one hot drink – half a Beer Can Stove pot.

You figure out how many days you’re going to be out times the number of hot meals and hot drinks, and add a few more in case you’re delayed on the trail, and that what you pack. No problem figuring out how much fuel in a canister. No heavy empty canister to pack out.

3. It’s safe. Hexamine is incredibly stable. No worries about leaks or spills. Each little tab is individually wrapped unless you buy the cheaper version. If you don’t buy the individually wrapped Esbit or Bleuet brands, make sure to seal your fuel in a ziplock bag. Hexamine tablets do have a fishy odor until you burn them and then they’re odorless.

Another safety consideration, you want a way to easily heat water when your packing in rainy weather. The individually sealed tablets stay dry and ready for immediate use. If you’ve got a dry match, you can make tea in 6 minutes! We’ve set up the stove in our little tent vestibule and kept dry while we cooked, and with little or no fumes, we didn’t have to worry about gasing ourselves.

Here’s the major downside:

For long trips, they might be more expensive than alcohol. But when you consider that the Beer Can Stove is only $15.95, you’re saving enough on the stove to be able to splurge on the fuel!

We used to carry Esbit tablets, but allowed our special mail permit to expire, so now, we’ll send you to Amazon to get this amazing stuff.

Here are several options to choose from: We’ve tried them all and can’t see much difference. Perhaps the Esbits are a little less stinky before burning. But, with easy to seal plastic bags, it’s up to you.

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Julie September 15, 2013 at 10:08 pm

You are right. This cook stove is the ultimate. It’s as light as a feather, works PERFECTLY and WORKS EVERY TIME. It also doubles as a coffee mug (wrap bandanna around it to serve as collar for protecting fingers from hot beverage) and dish, bowl, pot and pan of every kind. Plus the beer was good.


admin September 16, 2013 at 1:00 am

Thanks Julie! On a cold morning, just re-nesting the beer can in the frame with the wind screen as an insulator keeps your coffee hot and warms but not burns your hands as well. Glad you like it!


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